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HP scanjet 3770

Saturday, September 17, 2005 | 0 comments

For quite some time I have a flatbed scanner on my list of computer gadgets I want to buy. And today I decided that we just go to Chedraui - a supermarket chain - and look if they still had the HP scanjet I wanted, the 3770. And yes, they had one, new in the box, so we decided to buy it. Esme needs to do a lot of scanning for her thesis and even though having a page scanned in a copy shop is quite cheap in Mexico, if you have to do a lot, it adds up. Also if you have a scanner at home, it's easier to try things out.

The HP scanner software was not that easy to install, I ran into similar problems as with the installation of the software that came with the video card I bought 3 days ago, but didn't need to go to XP's safe mode. I am sure this can be blamed on the current configuration of Windows XP I am using.

TINI, a small computer that runs Java.
TINI, a small computer that runs Java.

The HP scanning software looks very good and is easy to use. As a test I also put a TINI I own, a small computer that runs Java, under the HP flatbed scanner, and I really like the scanned result.


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