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Comments: Punk rock never dies


Today I had a trip down memory lane with Andreja and Esme. First I chatted on MSN Messenger with Andreja about the Specials. She likes Ska music, so I recommended to give them a try. Recently Esme and I saw Natural Born Killers, which has Ghost Town, a song by the Specials, in it, so somehow I got them in my head. I also talked about Doe Maar, a Dutch band which made what they called Skunk, a mix of Ska and Punk, many years ago.

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I'm surprized i never heard for Specials before.... but i sure heard few of their songs since many bands covered them (Goldfinger, Reel big fish, Frank Black even!)... but i like them and should get me more of their music.

I suggest you giving Pietasters a try... and Toasters too (tho their music can be very different from album to album depending who they worked with)

I am still a n00b at ska discovering bands who started their music quest back in '80s. ...i'm just afraid i wont "over-loaded" me with ska :P

Posted by mistressEVIL at 07:21 GMT on 19 September 2005

I can recommend Madness as well. Roughly from the same period as the Specials. Night boat to Cairo is a classic song.

Posted by John Bokma at 02:37 GMT on 21 September 2005

The Ex have recently released a singles box, must be quite interesting. Also, a few members of The Ex will tour Italy next month as part of a supergroup that also features Thurston Moore and Jim O'Rourke from Sonic Youth.

Posted by Maarten at 14:05 GMT on 27 September 2005

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