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Comments: Brachypelma vagans creating a sperm web

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Today I noticed that my tarantula spider, species Brachypelma vagans, was creating a web. At first I thought it was going to make a place to prepare for moulting. But based on replies and careful inspection of how a part of the web was constructed it became clear to me that the spider was a male tarantula creating a sperm web. A few days ago I read "The Proper Technique for Sexing Living Theraphosid Spiders", and hence was aware that male tarantulas have a special set of spinnerets (epiandrous fusillae) on a special area (epigastric furrow) of their "belly" and today I was able to observe those spinnerets in action.

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It was impossible for us (me and my son) to identify the tarantula parts that you mention on your web page for sexing. It will be good to use arrows. I tried to help my son with this matter but I gave up. We tried other web sites, but all of them are for "experts".


Posted by majvel at 06:25 GMT on 10 March 2007

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