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Comments: Big tarantula in a plastic cake box

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Last Tuesday Jose told me he has tarantulas (bird spiders) in his garden and he would try to capture one for me, hopefully without his boxer dog killing it first.

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bought a matalic pink toe in January it was wild caught so I dont know anything about it but that and I wont buy wild again just because you dont know anything about them ,age ,sex,or really what it is? hasnt molted its about 2-2 1/2in. long at the body Black medium long hairs on legs body pink tips on all toes.About two three weeks ago started building a nest in the corner of his cage goes up and down one corner since the outside has been decorated with coconut husk and it has a 1/2 t0 3/4 ball perfectly round and handles it none stop I'm thinkin it might be a female could she be already impregnated and be making a baby basket dont know anybody got any info.? please reply to Email. Mark dont want a bunch of pink toes runnin amuck!

Posted by magicmarker at 00:26 GMT on 6 May 2011

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