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Mom arrived in Mexico

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 | 0 comments

Today both Esme and me are very excited because today was the day that my mother will come over to visit us. Since some time ago Esme her cell phone had been stolen we decided to buy a new one before we went to the airport, close to Veracruz.

In the shop I decided to buy a cell phone as well, a Nokia 1100. Esme her stolen phone was a Motorola, and she decided to replace it with a Motorola C115.

In the evening we left for Veracruz by bus. When we arrived we took first a taxi from the main bus station to the center. We decided to have a meal first, and then look a bit around at the souvenir stands.

We took another taxi to the airport. We had to wait a bit, and since the plane was delayed, we had to wait a bit more. I kept watching the monitor, but it kept stating "delayed". However, Esme saw people arriving, from a plane, so that had to be the plane we were waiting for.


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