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Comments: The crater lake near Laguna de Alchichica


Today Esme and I went to the crater lake close to the town of Laguna de Alchichica, Puebla. We hoped to find different species of scorpions compared to the species we had found so far, and we did...

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That first picture, the one titled "Cactuses on the way to the lake", is a really really great picture! Looks more like an artistic painting than an actual view of a load of cactuses.

Good shot :-)

Posted by Els at 01:12 GMT on 30 July 2005

Lovely shots of the Laguna and it sounds like a great trip. Not too many tourists or locals visiting? I don't see any garbage, etc. around. I just wanted to comment about removing anything from the site, such as stones, bones, plants, etc. even if it is not a designated protected area or park, etc. We try to leave as small a "footprint" as possible in areas of wilderness or ecological interest, including camping areas, parks, etc. to protect what little is left, out of respect of the local population and others that visit the area, and to set an example, even if others choose to make a mess, if you get my drift. I don't mean to preach, and obviously I am not familiar with the environment there. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by David in Canada at 14:44 GMT on 17 August 2005

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Posted by at 07:02 GMT on 7 January 2006

sus fotos son muy bonitas y los lugares tambien, bueno es que yo naci en esos lugares,y les falto subir la colina donde se encuentran rastros arqueologicos, saludos desde mexico.

Posted by likenew at 00:35 GMT on 13 December 2006

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