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Comments: Scorpions mating


Last night after increasing the wetness in the terrarium of the female scorpion I keep, by letting fall drops of water from a small bottle, I decided to move her to a smaller enclosure in order to make good close up pictures of a female Centruroides flavopictus, a Mexican scorpion.

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Excellent pictures, great site!

Posted by Nathan at 20:49 GMT on 7 July 2005

I only want to descover and see how scorpions mates......even tarantulas.....i hope in my life i can see how they mate in real life

Posted by cristion at 00:44 GMT on 19 December 2005

Can you contact me about possibly using your photos for publication?

Thank you. Rachel

Posted by Rachel O'Connor at 22:10 GMT on 28 November 2006

I just got a scorpion at work, I guess that they love it here at my work but I don't know anything about them could you tell me a little! How do you know male from female? and stuff like that, I want to take him home and give him a place to live but I want to make sure that I do it right!

Thank you, val

Posted by Val at 22:02 GMT on 15 May 2007

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