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Comments: System of a Down: More tour dates


Today I received an email with more System of a Down (SoaD) summer 2005 tour dates:

Read the rest of System of a Down: More tour dates.


I really need to know if System is gonna come to Wichita. I heard they were so I need to make sure.

Posted by Maria at 17:50 GMT on 7 February 2006

I can not believe system of a down is not playing in texas millions of fans are waiting!!!!

Posted by soad lover at 01:09 GMT on 3 March 2006

system of a down texas is still here!! come to texas please!!!!

Posted by soad lover at 02:32 GMT on 8 April 2006

System of a down i love youguys! Come to California please!!! We are waiting anxiously 4 u guys.

Posted by SOADFAN4LIFE at 00:35 GMT on 2 May 2006

W.T.F! ur not playing in texas? please play in texas!

Posted by andrew at 00:02 GMT on 7 July 2006

system of a down, you guys have millions of fans here in texas, you gotta come and play please!!!!!

Posted by biggest soad fan at 04:17 GMT on 29 July 2006

i saw system of a down in california when they went to oakland, they were AWESOME!!!! but please come to texas not just for me but for the millions of fans that love you guys and are waiting for you. PLEASE COME TO TEXAS!!!!! Nobody can put on a concert like you guys can!!! PLEASE!!!

Posted by zach at 19:37 GMT on 1 August 2006

S.O.A.D come to ohio!

Posted by wes at 21:24 GMT on 1 May 2007

Please come to texas!! please! millions of fans await you guys! [come to el paso, tx]


Posted by SOAD lover at 15:54 GMT on 21 May 2007

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