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Comments: Rain and a river gone wild


Several days ago I had decided that this Sunday we would stay in Xalapa, and have a walk near the house of Esme's mother. There is some kind of forest nearby, and in the past we have seen quite some wildlife there. When we prepared to go, the sky got darker and darker, and when we left the house we could feel the first drops. So we decided to wait an hour and around four we left.

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Hi John, These are great shots and really show the lushness of the forest around Esme's mother's house. I suppose her mother lives on the outskirts of Xalapa, otherwise there wouldn't be so much forest if she were in town.

Then again, perhaps it is just a small area surrounded by city? One can really see the blue color of the water in the last shot. Did the police want you guys to go back into town before the bridge washed out?

Posted by David in Canada at 13:26 GMT on 22 August 2005

I live in berks county, pennsylvania, usa and have recently found a brown caterpillar like this one on your web site and I cant find out what it is called? can anyone help me out.

Posted by carmen fritz at 20:26 GMT on 4 October 2006

Hi Carmen - I removed your email address from the message, otherwise you might end up with a lot of spam. I'll let you know if someone posts the answer to your question.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:43 GMT on 12 October 2006

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