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Comments: Dream Thief


Tonight I finished "Dream Thief" a science fiction book written by Stephen R. Lawhead. I bought the book almost a month ago, and it took me quite some time to finish. The back of the version I got mentions "Christian" three times, so as an atheist I was a bit scared. On the other hand, I did enjoy the Rama series by Arthur C. Clarke.

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I am a big fan of Lawhead. I have not read Dream Thief in quite a while but from what I remember it was a bit slow going. However I would suggest that if you have not had the opportunity that you look into the Pendragon Cycle. I believe that you might enjoy this series. They are not science fiction books but if you like to read they are worth your time.

Posted by El Gato Negro at 00:18 GMT on 28 April 2006

I didn't really understand why you thought Lawhead looks down on India in this particular book...I personally didn't get that impression at all:) I really enjoyed his Empyrion two part book- classifies as science fiction, and is actually pretty engaging. I think the more you read his work the more you appreciate it, and find the "slow" parts interesting.

Posted by Keri at 15:48 GMT on 18 July 2007

Hi Keri,

I think the part I quoted: "Hinduism was founded on a primitive misunderstanding, a mistake of cosmic proportions" can be considered was a good example.

As for the slow parts: Jack Vance, a writer I really adore, writes in his more recent work "slow" compared to his older work. Yet I do like it (but like his older work more). So maybe I was just not really impressed by Dream Thief. But as my mom would say: it's good that we all don't like the same things.

Posted by John Bokma at 01:52 GMT on 21 July 2007

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