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Comments: Scorplings: no survivors


Today I checked on "Romy", a scorpion (Centruroides flavopictus) I keep as a pet, and I didn't see any of her babies on her back. I had already removed 5 scorplings from her terrarium, all of which had died.

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mine just had babies and i didnt even know she was pregnant. there are five right now but they are in a kinda sac and not on her back. Does this mean they are dead

Posted by shey at 20:22 GMT on 12 August 2005

Sounds like embryos to me, see The Scorpion Fauna - The "Macro gallery" somewhere in the middle. And yes, if they are embryos, they are dead.

It sometimes happens that scorpions abort some of their litter. It might be the case that she is still pregnant (5 is a very small litter size). I recommend to ask your question on the Arachnoboards - Scorpions forum. Also, specify what kind of scorpion you got, it might be that she is not happy with her current conditions.

Posted by John Bokma at 20:51 GMT on 15 August 2005

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