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The Blender Bundle arrived

Thursday, May 26, 2005 | 0 comments

Blender is a suite of tools for creating 3D content. Moreover, it's free software. Since I didn't want to print the manual but support the Blender project instead, I ordered the "Blender Bundle" the 4th of May at a special price: 47.50 Euro (exclusive shipping). Today I was finally able to hold it - after I had picked it up at the post office - and browse through the manual.

Quite some time ago I bought the first Blender manual that came out. But I never got into Blender. It has a very steep learning curve; the user interface is very different from what I was used to. The first manual had good looks, but from what I remember it was a bit hard to use as a manual.

The Blender bundle: 2.3 Guide and texture CD
The Blender bundle: 2.3 Guide and texture CD

So I was extremely happy when I browsed trough the new manual. It's a big book, 768 pages, and it looks like an excellent job. It has a lot black and white illustrations, and in the middle it has 16 full color pages showing what can be done with Blender.

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