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Comments: Pictures of a small scorpion


Last Sunday we visited Zempoala (also spelled Cempoala). After a look at the pyramids, a rest near and in the river, and a nice, interesting walk, Esme suddenly spotted what looked like a thin long black snake. I tried to capture it but it violently wriggled and was gone.

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Me parece que tu pequeño alacrán podría ser un C. flavopictus juvenil, aunque el color tan claro de las patas y pedipalpo confunden la identificación.

Espero conocerte y poder ver físicamente tu material.

Saludos ELiézer

Posted by Eliézer at 20:07 GMT on 1 May 2008

Hola Eliézer,

The scorpion in the photos is a juvenile (3rd instar, if I recall correctly) Centruroides gracilis. Sadly it died during molting to 5th instar (again, if I recall correcly).

For photos of juvenile Centruroides flavopictus, see Tarantula and scorpion pictures and Photos of a scorpion grooming itself.

And yes, you are welcome to visit me, and see my collection. Only my Spanish is very limited; I can read it, and understand it somewhat, but can't talk back.

Please contact me by email, or leave your email address with your next comment. Do you live in Xalapa as well?

Posted by John Bokma at 21:19 GMT on 1 May 2008

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