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Daniel Joseph Min and his minions

Thursday, May 19, 2005 | 0 comments

For some time "Daniel Joseph Min" cross posts long political rants followed by roughly 20 links to his free astro-books pages in a Usenet group I frequent. He abuses anonymizing remailer services, probably because his posting behavior is in disagreement with the netiquette, and hence violates the terms of service (TOS) of his Internet provider.

Of course, as a Usenet terrorist, he prefers to cross post to several groups that have no clear relation. If you ask him to take his business somewhere else, you are naturally, without any doubt, against his political views and free speech.

So I warned Min to stop, otherwise I would send out some abuse reports. Of course I was told that I was amongst the weak and powerless. However, after I showed him that - with hardly any effort - two of his Astro-book promotion sites had been deleted by the respective hosting providers the Usenet kook sounded a bit angry, to say the least.

Min's Sock Puppet: William Baker

One of Min's minions, "William Baker", suddenly found out I have connections with Al-Jazeera, and the hate mongering started. In the fight against "terrorism", everything is allowed, including terrorism itself.

So right now, William is bothering a lot of Usenet groups - groups I contributed to - with his ramblings. In his eagerness to make a point he mixes up the CIA and the FBI (or so I guess), forgets to press shift now and then, and generally stumbles over his own words.

As expected, Daniel Joseph Min adds to the confusion, and since I am not amused by his off topic ramblings, and his Astro-Book spamvertizing, I must be "Anti-American", and "hate freespeech". Moreover, he suggests that I might be hired by Al-Qaeda, and might even go as far as kill the President (which one is not clear).

And this amazing analyses is based on the fact that I have been living in New Zealand for two years, and live at this very moment in Mexico. I have been travelling "a lot", and yes, that must have been because I am an undercover spy. Oh, and I have visited Turkey and Sri Lanka, and we all know that those very countries have quite some Muslim citizens, hence, without any reasonable doubt terrorists and weapons of mass destruction at every street corner.

How to stop Daniel Joseph Min

The bad news is, this is very difficult. If Min bothers enough people, some Usenet servers might consider canceling his messages. But this takes time, and a lot of abuse reports.

Since the messages I have seen so far consist of a long spamvertize for his so called Astro-Books I recommend to send a formal complaint to hosting providers he uses (or abuses):

Take a link to his Astro-books and:

Try to avoid replying to his messages, or change his mind.

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