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Comments: Stream this BYOB video!


Few days ago I got an email about a sneak peek at System of a Down's BYOB video. I could resist the temptation. But today I decided to watch the real thing, after I got another email stating the full version was available for watching. I visited the site and saw several formats: Real Video, QuickTime, Windows Media (56k, 300k, or 450k). Since I have a slow connection and didn't like the quality of the 56k version, I looked around for a way to capture the stream and save it as a file.

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quiero el video

Posted by yuyo at 23:16 GMT on 11 October 2005

FREAK!!! that's all i have 2 say =P looll system of a down rockkksss ;)

Posted by Go BaNaNaZ at 01:23 GMT on 4 January 2006

i did it an easier way and have always been doing it this way. i downloaded psp video express from download.com. i just search for the mms string in the page source (mms://a800.v13871b.c13871.g.vm.akamaistream.net/7/800 /13871/42c56e68/sony.download.akamai.com/13871 /wm.sony.global/Columbia/SystemOfADown/SOAD_ BYOBVid_Explicit_300.wmv)

stick that string into a notepad file on the desktop. open up psp video express, open the notepad file and it downloads it easily.

Posted by dabest at 01:32 GMT on 10 January 2006

this video is awsome punk rock

Posted by eric1 at 20:48 GMT on 5 May 2006

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