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Shark Tale and Monsoon Wedding

Saturday, March 5, 2005 | 0 comments

Today we watched the two movies we rented yesterday. The past days, the weather had been quite gloomy, and today it was raining most of the day so in the afternoon we watched Shark Tale and later, in the evening, Monsoon Wedding.

Shark Tale

I had seen pictures from the movie Shark Tale, and from them concluded it would be too mundane. So I was pleasantly suprised with the real thing. A very nice movie. Although the story is quite predictable, which I hardly noticed because the movie is such a delight to watch. Especially how the animals have very life like faces and of course the word jokes I know and love from SpongeBob. Twists like Shell phones, Coral Cola, etc. The wonderful undersea world the makers created is strong enough to make Oscar (Will Smith) not too annoyingly present all the time.

Monsoon Wedding

In the recent past I had quite serious plans to go to India for several months. I was learning Hindi, mastered a part of the writing and reading in Devanagari, learned a few words of the language, and listened a lot to Bollywood music to get into the mood. And then I fell in love with a Mexican girl...

Watching Monsoon wedding was a bit like a trip back to the past. The movie had only Spanish subtitles, and was partly English, and partly Hindi spoken. Since my Spanish is still not sufficient enough and my Hindi is limited to a few words, I had now and then to do some guessing. Also, sometimes the English was very hard to understand due to the strong accent. But the movie is very well acted, and overal very good to follow even with no subtitles at all.

I liked it a lot that it has several stories intertwined. And I was impressed how the father of the bride handled a very difficult situation, and made, to me, the right decision. Also, I was moved by the way the event planner declared his love.

Music plays often a very significant part in Indian movies. I like many Bollywood songs. However, this movie didn't have one song I really liked. The dance songs sounded too modern and sterile. But all in all a very nice movie, recommended.


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