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Scorpion food

Monday, January 24, 2005 | 31 comments

In the evening we walked to the house of Esme's mother. Nearby is a small river with an extremely bad smell. But the plants growing near the water are an excellent place to catch grasshoppers, or even crickets.

Near the water we found a small field with some rocks. I looked under the rocks. Esme found something that looked like a mutilated armadillo. We both weren't interested to find out if it really had been an armadillo. It smelled awful.

Finally we found two small grasshoppers. Since it was already quite dark we had to go by the sound they make. We went to the house of Esme's mother. She was not home but her sister and grandmother were, so we paid them a small visit.

When we walked back to the house we decided to take the bus. Also because it was quite a cold evening. When we walked to our house from the bus stop, we passed a big wall, and we heard... crickets. Together we were able to catch a big one. One grasshopper decided to try a jump towards freedom but Esme caught it and kept it in her hand.

Cricket on a tillandsia
Cricket on a tillandsia

I put the cricket and grasshoppers in the terrarium with the scorpion. The scorpion was not really interested or maybe not that hungry.


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