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Comments: Anti-leech using .htaccess


If you run your own site and have some pictures on it you probably have encountered so called leechers. People who link on their site to your images (remote loading) and hence using your bandwidth, and returning nothing. Some even copy your content as well to go with the photos...

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Great solution, but when Mia said you should contact the leeching board's owner, why didn't you just post a message on the board telling the owner to stop leeching. You don't have to include your email address when posting a message on a boards2go message board.

Posted by friend at 13:26 GMT on 31 August 2005


I didn't mention this in my story, but I did so over 6 months before I wrote the blog entry. No action was taken, and I wonder how often a owner checks his/her board.

But again, I think the service provider should handle this kind of complaints.

Posted by John Bokma at 02:15 GMT on 4 September 2005

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