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Dirkjan 8

Monday, January 10, 2005 | 0 comments

Today I received a pleasant surprise from the Netherlands sent to me by my friend Simon: A Dirkjan comic, number 8. I read it as soon as I had time, and it's very good. I like the very dry humour used by Mark Retera. Also, the grandpa that appears now and then has the same last name as me: Bokma.

Dirkjan 8 by Mark Retera
Dirkjan 8 by Mark Retera

My favorite gag is the one in the Startrek section:

Resistance is smurf
Resistance is smurf

In the evening Rocio, a close friend of Esme, visited us. I translated several of the gags into English, and Esme translated them to Spanish so Rocio could understand them too.

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