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Comments: A ringneck snake on the sidewalk


In the night we went to a shop nearby to buy eggs. On the way back, Esme suddenly stopped, walked a bit back and looked on the ground. And there is was, a very little snake. The animal was dark green colored, olive, with a yellow band around its neck. Since I have been talking about having a snake as a pet ever since I am in Mexico, I decided to take the animal back home.

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I sound a baby ringneck snake about to get washed down a sewer drain in the rain. All I saw was his bright yellow stripe. He is living in a terrarium I set up outside with moist soil, a waterbowl and place to hide. After I gave him a few days to get use to his environment (And me a few days to gather information on how to care for him) I put an earthworm in my left hand, broke it in half, and stuck his nose in it. He gobbled it right up. I will feed him every couple of days. Everything I read on the internet suggested they wouldn't eat very well in captivity. Not only does he eat very well, but he seems so accustomed to his environment. I must say, he is a very beautiful, gentle creature, and he has made me a convert for snakes.

Posted by Ali at 05:12 GMT on 24 July 2005

i have a baby ringneck snake that i just found ive had one before....This one when i introduce it to a worm it will not eat...my laast one i fed it crickets but scence hurricane wilma is on her way the pet store is closed...what should i do?

Posted by cassi at 13:44 GMT on 23 October 2005

my dad found a ringneck snake and it was only a baby and the mother abanded it so he got it and i went on the internent and looked up what its envirement was and i maid it a home and now we are good friends

Posted by kenzie at 00:30 GMT on 16 April 2006

My sister and I found a baby ringsnake.. we are afraid it might die because of nothing to eat.. what do we feed it.. PLEASE HELP SAVE THE BABY SNAKE!

Posted by Dezi at 21:21 GMT on 27 July 2006

i found a baby ringnecked snake in my back yard, what do I feed it and where can I find the food, or buy it.

Posted by donnie at 17:50 GMT on 24 August 2006

I fould a baby ringneck snake in the road. It's only 4" long and my Mom and I put some small crikets and meal worms in it's tank but it hasn't eaten them . It's been 3days- we are worried. We'd like to keep him but don't want him to die- should we let him go or do you have any suggestions? the worms are bigger than he is. Thank you-

Posted by Fia at 13:57 GMT on 20 September 2006

My experience with the ringneck snake is that it doesn't adapt easily to captivity if at all. If it doesn't eat within several weeks I recommend to release it in a safe place as close to the spot where you found it as possible.

The juvenile in the article died because it got bitten by ants. Later I kept an adult ringneck snake, but it refused to eat, so I decided to release it close to where it was found.

Posted by John Bokma at 03:33 GMT on 23 September 2006

I just found a baby, wiggling on my living room floor. I plan on keeping it. I just got a terrarium and put the snake and some pinhead crickets in. I have a scorpion, so the crickets are readily available. If it doesn't eat them, I'll try earthworms. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by davepsycho at 18:02 GMT on 23 September 2006

My dad just found a baby ringneck snake today, I cleaned out a tank for it and put it in, but i have no idea what to feed it... Its tiny and its mouth isnt very big...I'd love to keep it, I already named it and its in my room, but I dont want to starve it. Earthworms would be too big, I dont know about pinhead crickets, and I dont think it could catch a fruitfly. So what can it be fed? I have had a ringneck before, but it was a young adult, I already own a snake, but hes bigger. I love my new snake he's SOOO tiny, I really need to know what to feed it.

Posted by samantha at 01:48 GMT on 9 October 2006

Hi Samantha - my experience is that ringneck snakes are hard to keep, so if the baby doesn't eat anything I recommend to release it. As far as I know they don't eat crickets, but I might be wrong. You might want to try smaller worms.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:43 GMT on 12 October 2006

My husband found a ring neck snake about 10 inches long. My children would like to keep it, but I am worried it might die because it is not eating. I put a worm and a cricket in his tank and he has not touched them. I have also provided him a water supply and I have observed him drinking water. Will he eat dried blood worms or do they have to be alive? Any suggestions would be helpful, Thanks, Misti

Posted by Misti at 01:58 GMT on 2 November 2006

i found a ring neck snake in my back yard and i dont know what kind of light to provide for it normally i would put a lamp from petco on it any suggestions? my ring neck snake likes baby crikets.

Posted by jay at 21:38 GMT on 5 February 2007

I have a ring snake and i just fed it some meal worms and it just wont eat them!!! i really want to keep this snake and i don't want it to die any suggestions would be helpful!! it has a perfect environment it is barely the second day I've had it!

Posted by tox at 05:58 GMT on 19 March 2007

I have a baby ringneck snake and just finished feeding it. I found it about a week ago and it is doing very well. For those of you who are having problems with your ringnecks, let me give you a little bit of advice. Ringnecks are very shy creatures and are very picky eaters. I would suggest that for those of you who who have been having a hard time getting your snake to eat, i know excactly how you feel. My last ringneck wouldnt eat for me either, but i have found that if you hand feed the snake by holding it in one hand and bringing a WORM up to your snakes mouth, it will gobble it right down. I would suggest worms for snakes that have just been captured just as a starting food. They can acctually eat these all of their lives. Worms are very nutritious and will grow rapidly while eating them. These snakes will sometimes eat twice a week but a suggested once a week would mostlikley be better. When your snakes eyes turn a sort-of opaque color, that means it is getting ready to shed it's skin. Snakes will not eat at this time. Whenm your snake sheds its skin, make sure that both of the scales on its eyes have come off. if the havent, put some vasiline over the eye to soften the scale up, then carefully pull the scale off of the eye. if this does not work, you need to take your snake to the vet. If you have any further questions about ringneck snakes, just put a comment up on my myspace. i will have to accept you as a friend first, but anyway here is my myspace address(put this up where you type in websites)


thanks! : )

Posted by Lauren at 21:04 GMT on 16 May 2007

how do you tell if male or female

Posted by Buddy Morgan at 15:17 GMT on 30 May 2007

People it may not seem like it but they're mouths stretch big enough to eat pin head crickets and earth worms!

Posted by Tsunami at 15:05 GMT on 4 June 2007

I have found a ringneck snake what does it eat and how do you tell if it's a boy or a girl

Posted by sammy at 23:53 GMT on 4 October 2007

i just found a ring neck snake and i have no clue what to feed it i just found a worm but it wont eat please answer as soon as possible!

Posted by rita at 00:21 GMT on 26 March 2011


Posted by SnakeSaver at 01:30 GMT on 6 April 2011

I have a ringneck snake and I have had him/her for 2 weeks he is so cute and he eats worms he has'nt really adapted to his cage but I think he is shedding his sking how do I tell pls help me!

If your ring =neck is not eating u should probobly let him/her go.

Posted by Anonymous at 14:48 GMT on 23 April 2011

the eat earth warms and if the do not eat there earth worms try to rub them on a salamander a see if the eat it then.

Posted by court court at 19:41 GMT on 29 August 2011

you should feed him very small pices of worms and when he gets used to it feed him bigger ones and he should be fine.

Posted by Anonymous at 12:46 GMT on 2 September 2011

I Found A RingNeck Snake And His Name Is Jimmy DoeMane He Likes Me Because I Feed Him Mushroom Soup And Noodles!! I Love Him Very Much And Will Contiue Lovin Him Till I Have To Let Him Go! <3 Kayla

Posted by Kayla at 21:16 GMT on 18 September 2011

I just found a ringneck 2days ago. I put a slug in his habbitat. Do they eat those... I want to know if he/her a boy or girl...

Posted by Bubba at 03:16 GMT on 25 November 2011

hey i have a baby snake and i got no clue we gave it worms and a grasshopper we took off the legs of the grasshopper but everytime he trise 2 eat it squrims should we hand feed it???????? plz help me!!!!I DONT WANT IT 2 DIE ;| ;[

Posted by 18XD18 at 20:14 GMT on 5 February 2012

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