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Comments: Tina's House


After I took pictures of the house on fire from the roof of our house, I went downstairs and took pictures of Tina the scorpion and its "house".

Read the rest of Tina's House.


Pretty scared by scorpions... but Tina looks so sweet ;)

Nice pictures, see you soon!

Posted by Aldo at 14:08 GMT on 24 August 2005

good pictures and very interesting reportage...i'm afraid of scorpions...!

A big kiss to tina...only if it is female!!!

bye bye!

see you soon...

Posted by orler at 15:57 GMT on 12 June 2006

man becarefull.....from what i know about seems that the species u have is poisenous,,,because small claws meens plus venom....get some information man,,,i have a emperial scorpion....and is a fact that bigger the claws smaller the venom....smaller claws plus venom...sry my bad enlish i have more experience in spoken me if u want dude hugs and u have a nice specimen there

Posted by at 13:16 GMT on 12 September 2006

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