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A bigger house for Tina

Friday, April 16, 2004 | 0 comments

Today, we visit several pet shops in Xalapa. One shop had five nice green iguanas and I said to Esme that maybe one day I want two as pets at home. After comparing prices and models of fish tanks I finally decided to buy one at the nearby market, the first place I saw a nice one a few days ago. I also bought at big bag of soil I wanted to use as a substrate inside the terrarium. The fish tank is about 40 cm by 25 cm, and 30 cm height, which must be sufficient for a small scorpion. The cover is going to be a piece of glass with a 5 mm hole in the center. I decide to have that custom made later.

Since we were both quite hungry, we paid for the fish tank and left it together with the bag of soil at the shop, and had dinner at Bahia, a seafood restaurant close to the market. I had some rice with fried banana, and a seafood soup afterwards. Esme ate a shrimp cocktail. The soup was excellent, and had a lot of prawns, shrimps, crab, shells etc. in it.

Back at the shop, I also bought two little bags with small black stones, probably volcanic glass (obsidian). We took a taxi back home.

Back home, I first put about 6 cm of soil inside the fish tank, turning it into a terrarium. I put the stones from one bag on top of the substrate, and also a piece of old dry wood, I had found on top of our house. I put some tillandsias inside the terrarium, and finally Tina the scorpion. Esme found another tillandsia, which probably dropped on the floor. When she put it inside the terrarium, she put it almost on top of the scorpion...

While we had a drink, together with the guy who was fixing our house, Tina the scorpion was running around in her new house. I decided to take photos of the scorpion tomorrow during the day, when the light is better.

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