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MP3man versus portable CD player

Tuesday, April 13, 2004 | 0 comments

My cousin Joyce asked me which portable CD player to buy. However, I recommended her to buy an MP3man instead. They are much smaller, and more robust. She had never heard of those, so I tried to look up some info. I tried the Media Markt (Dutch consumer electronics) site first, but that site is a nightmare to any visitor. I don't know if they sell those devices, but I was not able to find any.

But Google solved the problem and I found a Dutch site, Mp3man.nl. It's well designed and has a lot of info. Recommended.

I explained to my cousin that if she wanted to buy a CD player anyway, that she must make sure that it supports CDR, CD-R/W and most important, MP3. She told me it sounded all very complex, but I promised her to help her out, and explain how to use a CD ripper like CDex to get the CD audio tracks and convert them into MP3 files which can be uploaded to an MP3man.


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