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Comments: Nudge bombing


Due to a bug in MSN Messenger version 7.0 it is possible to nudge bomb someone. Normally, when you send a nudge there is a time out before you can send the next nudge.

Read the rest of Nudge bombing.


great for waking people up who fall asleep with their speakers turned on full blast.. great exploit lmfao

Posted by casket at 07:51 GMT on 29 June 2005

Nice good for annoying people lmao

Posted by Tom at 17:24 GMT on 30 June 2005

Thanx! That's really helpfull! I will try to remember this for future reference!

Posted by shannon at 04:12 GMT on 12 August 2005

Isn't there some kind of program to do it too ?

Posted by Buskin at 12:31 GMT on 30 August 2005

I am sure it's possible. Note that nudge bombing has been fixed in more recent versions of MSN Messenger

Posted by John Bokma at 02:14 GMT on 4 September 2005

wow great for annoying the helll out of people woohoo nudge war!!!

Posted by chris at 20:43 GMT on 10 September 2005

Sweet! Just used it then! I downloaded a hack for doing bombing, but it doesn't work HALF as good as this does! W00T! Thanks mate!

*v* FloppyPillow *v*

Posted by FloppyPillow at 03:24 GMT on 13 September 2005

Hey I was in a giant convorsation redy to start a nudge fight with this technique, but then realised that I have MSN 7.5... is there anyway I can get hold of MSN 7.0?

Posted by bluNt at 19:18 GMT on 28 September 2005

hahahahaha i had too much fun with this. a lot of people blocked me out of their contact list

Posted by alex at 06:31 GMT on 26 December 2005

i knew about this nudge bombing but really i cant do it on those modern one's as u said

:D wen i found this out it really pisses em ppl off wen i get invited in a convosation

Nudge time cuz it gets annoying eh being in a 30 ppl convosation look at those ppl leave ;)!!!

Posted by PT dude (?) at 21:33 GMT on 5 February 2006

I don't understand why this doesn't work, i have the same msn 7.0, nut i can't get nudge bombing to work any suggestions?

Posted by John at 08:34 GMT on 26 April 2006

I can still nudge bomb people. It's a complicated hack. You must have Winsock packet editor. Turn all programs off except im and then you capture the nudge packet and send it every 100 milliseconds.

Dam..i am Leet.

Posted by Max Hines at 00:25 GMT on 25 May 2006

how to do a nudge without ur status as busy. and how to online and offline many times

Posted by Anonymous at 13:59 GMT on 20 June 2006

yo im nik ive found a way to nudge bomb (if thats what its called)on the newsest versoin ov msn download a file called A-patch and run it it comes with options (chekboxes) tick which u want to use then all day and all night u can nusdge people online appeer offline or busy woteva status u r this will work with the newsest msn the erm.... windows live messeneger pluss

Posted by nicky at 11:27 GMT on 25 October 2006

If you download AMSN you can nudge bomb anybody using any version of msn, and you don't even have to set yourself to away!

Posted by ZiG at 05:29 GMT on 28 November 2006

can someone send me a link to get nudge bomber?

Posted by 4234 at 23:32 GMT on 28 November 2006

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