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Comments: Emoticons for MSN Messenger


The following emoticons (smileys) I made for MSN Messenger are available for personal use only. Please don't distribute those emoticons nor link to them on your own site without contacting me. If you put any of the emoticons on your site without my permission, I contact your hosting provider. This might result in your entire site being deleted.

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Posted by BECKY at 15:08 GMT on 15 June 2005

they r cute

Posted by courtsi at 12:45 GMT on 21 June 2005

it needs more display pics but has great one sif their is a way i cood contribute 2 the site with display pics it wood be nice but there alreddy r nice pics

Posted by Mini-Mua at 01:10 GMT on 29 June 2005

It'd be great if these emoticons can be made available for Trillian Pro.

Posted by Trillian at 07:46 GMT on 16 August 2005

Hello unknown You have no name on your web page, so your unknown, lol but i think your site is awsome, im sure kids go on this site so i will be e rated a possible, i think that you should put nude emoticons for msn messanger. any way email me if u like my idea

Posted by roe1985 at 22:18 GMT on 20 August 2005

make some more!!

Posted by guy at 16:47 GMT on 26 September 2005

these r some great imoticons.... nice job dude!!!!!!

Posted by lior at 09:48 GMT on 19 February 2006

i like those emotions especially the lol one and the brb one

Posted by Jilly at 15:35 GMT on 27 February 2006

It was gr8 bring more emotions

Posted by Becky at 16:08 GMT on 6 April 2006

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