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Comments: Cat display pictures


The following MSN display pictures were created from photos taken of Vito the cat with a digital camera. Esme took all of them except the second picture on the first row (left to right), the cat-mouflage, and the bathroom pictures, which were taken by me.

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this is soo cool and nice that the pics r free thanx bi

Posted by mada at 01:04 GMT on 3 August 2005

i h8 it! all of it is crap sorry just the truth luv ya's muah bibi xox

p.s: ure kitty is cute :)

Posted by shito at 11:13 GMT on 26 November 2005

The cat pics are so cute!

Posted by at 02:01 GMT on 10 January 2006

That last picture of just the eye - you should add that one upside down as well - looks kinda human :-)

Posted by Els at 15:39 GMT on 7 March 2006

Wow I'm glad no one is able to distribute these or pirate them they are really valuable and might fall into the wrong hands

Posted by at 18:34 GMT on 9 March 2006

I guess your mom is paying for your website then. Wait until you make some simple display pictures and they are remotely linked to and do several megabytes of traffic a day for which you don't see any visitor back, yet you have to pay for the traffic.

Or maybe you like it when someone puts your work in a Display Picture installer package without even mentioning your name. Or puts them on his / her site, to make money using Google AdSense.

So in a way they have value to others. In the former case, someone steals my bandwidth and in the latter someone makes money with my work. In most cases those two are combined (i.e. remote linking and Google AdSense on the page)

Talking about cool display pictures, where are yours?

Posted by John Bokma at 18:50 GMT on 9 March 2006

Cats are so cute.I have a black cat and she the best but she getting old now.

Posted by stacey mulligan at 11:33 GMT on 25 June 2006

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