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Comments: The "find in page" sound and how to disable it


By pressing Ctrl-F (Windows) or Cmd-F (Mac), the find bar appears at the bottom of the Mozilla Firefox window. On Windows XP, pressing forward slash (/) also works. I use it a lot to find a certain phrase or word in a page, but one thing that really annoys me is the sound, if you can call it a sound that's played when the phrase is not found in the page by Firefox.

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Thanks, this was just what I was looking for! Btw, is there anyway to also turn off all Firefox sounds, like from Flash and other objects that automatically load?

Posted by MK at 21:37 GMT on 18 December 2005

thank you! that was one of the most annoying sounds I've ever heard

Posted by mike at 23:13 GMT on 21 December 2005

thx A LOAD man.. geez that sound was annoying and i'm not talking about barbra streisand annoying, this was heavy stuff.

this sweet advice eased my life a lot. have a nice day and keep up the good work.



hellsinki, finland

Posted by tuomo l at 03:12 GMT on 22 January 2006

That sound... what were they thinking?

Bless you!

Posted by scotto at 15:08 GMT on 22 February 2006

Why they didn't make it easyier to turn that sound off is beond me! You'd think Just a right click on the find bar should bring up an option to 'Turn Off Sounds'!

But I'm happy now - nice & quiet. Thanks so much!

Posted by Mike at 09:27 GMT on 3 May 2006

Trying to figure out how to turn off that anoying sound from the "find" bar. Happened on to this page, but no answer yet. Anyone know? Troy. #

Posted by Troy at 20:11 GMT on 11 June 2006

Thank you so, so much...I hated that sound.

Posted by Erin at 01:52 GMT on 18 June 2006

Cool! Exactly what i was looking for. Thx.

Posted by pensive at 10:56 GMT on 27 June 2006

Wonderful -- exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!

Posted by Bill at 18:37 GMT on 7 July 2006

Thanks sooo much for the info. This was driving me nuts, I actually started muting every time I used the find feature.

Posted by NKA at 05:17 GMT on 27 July 2006

THANK you. The worst was wearing headphones and listening to music, then being blasted by the sound of doom when I couldn't find a word in the page.

Posted by Begtognen at 09:21 GMT on 2 August 2006

Oh that is *so* much better. Thank you! What were they thinking making the sound so nasty and so incredibly loud?

Posted by Simon at 10:38 GMT on 9 August 2006

Thanks, that Firefox "fart" sound as you named it was really annoying me, thank goodness it's off now!

Posted by Zeri Andavari at 20:57 GMT on 12 August 2006

God bless you. i've been startled out of my chair many times by that sound from hell.

Posted by erin t. at 10:02 GMT on 9 December 2006

Thanks a lot. Just the information I was looking for. How unusual!

Posted by Simon Young at 19:22 GMT on 20 December 2006

Thanks alot, the worse is if after watching some movie or listening to some music real loud, then going to firefox and getting that sound at full volume unexpectedly. Freakin' scared me so many times...

Posted by X2 at 22:59 GMT on 31 January 2007

THANKS SO MUCH -- I was almost going to switch back to IE i hated that sound soo much.

Posted by JK at 21:20 GMT on 11 April 2007

Thank you very much, that sound was driving me mad.

Posted by rog at 10:30 GMT on 8 October 2007

sweet thanks

i don't know why the ff devs think they can just stick their sounds all up in people's faces

Posted by < at 19:13 GMT on 21 November 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

Posted by Arlette at 11:09 GMT on 29 January 2008

Thanks ! ! That took care of my issue.

Posted by Anonymous at 18:59 GMT on 30 October 2011

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