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Shortly after testing Mozilla Firefox (then named Phoenix / Firebird) for the first times back in 2002 I became hooked. In a very short time I switched away from Internet Explorer version 6.0 and started to use Firefox as my day-to-day browser for surfing the Internet and also to assist me with software development ranging from testing web applications to web spider and scraper development. For a longer justification of why I (still) use Firefox, see: 10 reasons why I use Firefox.

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I think that perhaps you meant 'in a very short time I switched away from...' and not 'in a very short time I switched to away from...'.

Which in no way diminishes my delight in finding your site, and in particular your information on turning off typeahead. Very glad to get that info...

Posted by bill at 20:46 GMT on 7 July 2006

Thanks Bill, I fixed it. Also thanks for the link on "Bill's Stuff"

Posted by John Bokma at 04:23 GMT on 8 July 2006

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