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Installation of the Python version of tumblelog

The Python version of tumblelog has been tested with Python 3.7.3. This installation guide was tested on Ubuntu LTS Focal Fossa but should also work on a more recent version of Ubuntu.

Downloading tumblelog

The easiest way to download tumblelog is to use git. This makes it also possible to check for updates to the program, its styles or the example templates. Click on Activities in the left corner and search for terminal to open the terminal and enter the following:

sudo apt install -y git

Next clone the github repository for tumblelog. This will create a directory tumblelog. If you run this command make sure you want this directory created in your current working directory. If not, change to your preferred directory first.

git clone
cd tumblelog

Installing the required packages

The tumblelog program requires the commonmark and regex Python libraries to be installed. I used pip3 to install the required libraries as follows:

sudo apt install -y python3-pip
pip3 install commonmark
pip3 install regex

Installing commonmark gives a warning regarding cmark which can be ignored.

After this, should be able to run without any errors. Verify this by running the program with the --help option:

python3 --help

Please take some time to read the help shown.

In order to create the CSS stylesheets the sass program has to be installed as follows:

sudo apt install -y sass

I use Sass, a CSS extension language, to make it easy to create new styles and maintain the current ones. I highly recommend to use Sass or a similar program in your own projects if you work with CSS.

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