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John Bokma 07-June-2003

I took this picture on Saturday, June 7, 2003. Due to the flash and me holding the camera I have a weird look in my eyes. I like this picture a lot.

If you look closely you can see my left shoulder pointing towards you due to my left arm holding the digital camera.

This picture is much older (2000 or even 1999). The purple box in front of me is a silicon graphics Indigo R3000. It is the first UNIX workstation I bought. In the very beginning I used it together with an external CD ROM drive as an expensive CD player. A lot of web related software has been developed on this box. Mainly in Perl but also some C coding.

I made this picture for an older version of my personal homepage that never became available to the public.

John Bokma with Silicon Graphic Indigo R3000

A recent picture of John Bokma in the snow.

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