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Updating an iPad Air 2 to iOS 10

September 13, 2016

Despite reported issues with upgrading to iOS 10 I decided to take the plunge today, and make an attempt to upgrade my iPad Air 2 to iOS 10.

First, I turned my iPad Air 2 off, and back on again. Next, I connected it to my Mac mini and let iTunes make a back up automatically. When done, I clicked the "Back Up Now" button to make a manual back up, just to be sure. When this additional back up was done, I opened Setting on my iPad, selected "General" and navigated to "Software Update".

I Tapped "Download and Install" near the bottom of "Software Update", I agreed with the Terms and Conditions, twice, and the download started. I kept my iPad connected to my Mac mini during the whole download, verify, and install process. A process which took well over 35 minutes.

Finally, the screen with "Hello" in various languages showed up. I pressed the home button as suggested, read "Update Completed", and tapped "Continue". I moved through the steps and finally got "Welcome to iPad". I tapped "Get Started" and there was my home screen; succes.

When I checked "Software Update" again it reported that the current version of iOS is version 10.0.1, not 10.0 as I expected.

Split View in Safari

One of the first features I tried was split view in Safari. Just dragging a tab to the right opens it in a new view to the right. Alternatively, tap and hold on a link allows one to open it in split view. Using tap and hold on the "tabs" icon (two squares) one can merge the tabs and hence end up with a single view again. Alternatively, dragging the tab from the left view to the right, if there is just one, also removes the split view. Tabs can be exchanged between both views.

All in all, this looks certainly like a feature I will use often.


After some checking out of iOS 10 I let the Photos app scan my photos. With a total of 2,536 photos this took a while. When done I selected the "People" album and named the first group, photos of Adam. I returned to the overview and clicked on the next group with photos of Adam. I clicked "Add name" again, and started typing, and selected him in the drop down menu. I was asked if I wanted to merge People, which I confirmed. After some more nameing and merging I was done.

Clicking on a group gives a summary, which looks very neat. I already love this new feature. Of course there is a "Show All" option to show all photos in a group. And if you click on the top most photo, a movie is created and soon played, including music. This is very impressive!