John Bokma

Making iOS Notes available via iCloud

September 9, 2016

The iOS Notes app is one of the programs I use a lot on my iPad Air 2. Currently, I have 60 notes. Most of these notes are used to store web links, each note a specific topic. I really like how Notes renders links, and how easy it is to add new links from various apps to my notes.

As I am using OS X more and more, I want to have access to my notes on both my iPad Air 2 and Mac mini. And keep them synchronized. Meaning I have to make them available via iCloud.

First I enabled Notes in my iCloud account. I opened "Settings", selected the "iCloud" entry, and moved the slider after "Notes" to the right.

Next I opened the Notes app on my iPad and executed the following steps:

The move might take up some time, in my case about 15 seconds.

When I opened the Notes program on my Mac Mini all 60 were listed. However, it took some time for all the actual links and associated thumbnails to show up.

Later I noted that Notes on my iPad still stated that there were 60 notes in the "Notes" folder under "ON MY IPAD". Quitting Notes and opening it again fixed this issue.

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