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The Docker Book Updated

August 10, 2016

Today I got an email from James Turnbull regarding an update of "The Docker Book":

The Docker Book has been updated for Docker 1.12. As part of the update, the book has been extensively rewritten. Every chapter has been updated to reflect the changes in Docker 1.12. This includes replacing the Docker-in-Docker examples, updating every image and rewriting every example and updating all command output. The Installation section has been updated to reflect more modern Docker practices and the Orchestration chapter has been updated for Docker's new "Swarm mode". You can find a full listing of changes here.

I bought the PDF version of the book for $9.99 via The Docker Book site the 6th of August, last year.

I started to read the book, at last, earlier this year. So, I installed CentOS in a Parallels virtual machine and installed Docker in it, and read James' book. Until the start of chapter 3. But then I read about an upcoming native Mac application. I signed up for the beta, was to busy to give it a good look. Hence Docker got moved to the back burner.

Now, the native Docker for Mac application is out of beta, and James has updated his book so no more excuses.

As for the PDF book, based on what I've read, so far, it's well written. It's also DRM free at kept up to date. At $9.99 this is really a steal, and I wish more authors would release books this way.

Another recommendation; I read The Docker Book like most other PDF files on (currently) an iPad Air 2 using GoodReader (Download on the AppStore).